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Thursday, 15 February 2018

PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE : 2017 revenue: €146.81 million, up 14.35%


Published: 18:30 CET 15-02-2018 /GlobeNewswire /Source: PHARMAGEST INTERACTIVE / : PHA /ISIN: FR0000077687

Villers-lès-Nancy, 15 February 2018 - 8:30 p.m. (CET)





2017 revenue: €146.81 million, up 14.35%


In €m







+ 16.30%




+ 10.69%




+ 8.46%




  + 21.19%

Annual revenue



+ 14.35%


PHARMAGEST Group reported €146.81 million in consolidated revenue (unaudited) for 2017, up 14.35% from the prior year.


Overall, PHARMAGEST Group's revenue is sustained, boosted notably by the integration of SAILENDRA (at 01/01/2017), CAREMEDS / MULTIMEDS (at 01/02/2017) and AXIGATE (at 01/07/2017). All Divisions of the Group's registered gains.



2017 business highlights:


Pharmacy Division - Europe Solutions: the Group's historic business had revenue of €101.95 million at 31 December 2017, up 3.9% from 2016.

This growth confirms not only the interest of pharmacists for the Group's innovative offerings (OFFICASH, OFFISEEN, OFFITOUCH.) but also the relevance of major recent developments in LGPI Global Services® (secure health messaging system services, compliance monitoring software,.) that now make this tool a genuine all-in-one pharmacy software package fully aligned with pharmacists' new missions.

At the European level, Belgium's performance is noteworthy with the signature of two major contracts with the MULTIPHARMA and COOP networks (equipping more than 350 of the country's pharmacies and parapharmacies).

This business contributed 69.5% of PHARMAGEST Group's total revenue for 2017.



Health and Social Care Facilities Solutions Division.

With a historical presence in the segment of elderly care facilities with MALTA INFORMATIQUE, this Division was boosted by the integration on 1 April 2016 of DICSIT INFORMATIQUE (specialized in the Hospital at Home segment). Since then, this Division has completed the scope of its offering with the acquisition on 1 July 2017 of AXIGATE, a French leader in Hospital Information Systems. Bolstered by this acquisition, the Division registered growth in revenue of 44.5% from 2016 to reach €14.86 million at 31 December 2017. On this basis, PHARMAGEST Group is now able to propose a unique and exclusive solution covering both the health and social care facilities and non-hospital care pathway.

The Division accounted for 10.1% of total PHARMAGEST Group revenue for 2017.



The e-Health Solutions Division reported €11.58 million in revenue as of 31 December 2017, a 16.3% increase from one year earlier.

In line with its investment in June 2016 in NOVIATEK, a start-up specialising in the design of innovative technology systems for the home-based healthcare system sector, this Division was positively impacted (+ €1 million) by contributions from the most recent acquisitions: SAILENDRA in the field of artificial intelligence, and CAREMEDS / MULTIMEDS, specialized in the development of innovative solutions for medication compliance.

In conjunction with the above, PHARMAGEST Group created a Compliance Programme Department to support the development of this range with a specialized business development team, supplementing the European network of distributors.

The e-Health Solutions Division contributed 7.9% to PHARMAGEST Group's total revenue in 2017.



The Fintech Division had revenue of €18.41 million at 31 December 2017, an 83.8% increase in relation to 2016.

In parallel with growth in sales volume, the number of lease financing providers "connected" to the NANCEO financing platform has increased. This in turn is contributing to the development of a more substantial offering of services and proposals for even better financial terms.

This Division accounted for 12.5% of total PHARMAGEST Group revenue for 2017.





PHARMAGEST Group is confident in its ability to profit from the very favorable environment based on trends for the healthcare sector and the French "National Health Strategy".


PHARMAGEST Group on that basis foresees sustained growth in 2018.


In line with its strategic ambitions, PHARMAGEST Group will continue to develop its "Patient-Centered" platform and proposing a dedicated global ecosystem.


The purpose of this platform is to give all healthcare professionals the right information about the patient and facilitate the patient care management process safely and efficiently in a manner based on an optimal integration with their work practices. Through its software solutions for Pharmacies, Elderly Residential Care Facilities, Hospitals at Home, and Hospitals, PHARMAGEST Group now possesses unique expertise for sharing this information. In 2018, PHARMAGEST Group will continue to move forward by pursuing for each programme and/or new technology, improvements in patient well-being and health as well as increasing efficiencies in the healthcare system.



Financial calendar:


Publication of 2017 annual results and presentation to analysts and investors in Paris, Tuesday, 3 April 2018.




PHARMAGEST Group is the French pharmacy information technology leader, with a market share of more than 41% and more than 900 employees. The Group's strategy is based on a core business of improving healthcare through information technology innovation and developing two priority areas: 1/ Services and technologies for healthcare professionals, with a focus on assisting pharmacies in patient medication compliance; and 2/ technologies for improving the efficacy of healthcare systems.


To roll out this strategy, PHARMAGEST Group has developed specialised businesses, including pharmacy IT, e-Health solutions, solutions for healthcare professionals, solutions for pharmaceutical laboratories, connected health devices and apps, and a sales financing marketplace.


These businesses are divided into four Divisions: Solutions for Pharmacy Division - Europe; Solutions for Health and Social Care Facilities; Solutions for e-Health; and Fintech.


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Pharmagest : 2017 revenue: €146.81 million, up 14.35%

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