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Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Vatican: Pope urges Colombian priests at Medellin Mass to 'get involved'

Pope urges Colombian priests at Medellin Mass to 'get involved'
(Vatican Radio) The theme of day four of Pope Francis' visit to Colombia is "Vocations" and he travelled to the country's most Catholic city – Medellin – on Saturday to celebrate Mass and to encourage his brother priests to be like Jesus who looked beyond rigid doctrine, cared for sinners and welcomed them in. Reiterating a concept which is clearly a priority for Francis - in Colombia and across the globe - he  said to them: "the Church is not a customs post, it wants its doors to be open". The overwhelming majority of the some 1 million faithful present at the Mass were wearing white – the colour of peace – and injecting his message with the overreaching leitmotiv of the journey, Francis urged all Colombians to "get involved" in helping each other and to embrace "acts of non-violence, reconciliation and peace." "Get involved" was the call at the heart of his message to the clergy as he recalled the figure of Jesuit priest Saint Peter Claver and his motto – "Slave of the blacks forever" – because, the Pope said, "he understood as a disciple of Jesus, that he could not remain indifferent to the suffering of the most helpless and mistreated of his time, and that he had to do something to alleviate their suffering." "Brothers and sisters, the Church in Colombia is called to commit itself with greater boldness, to forming missionary disciples" whom, the Pope said, look at reality with eyes and heart of Jesus: "Disciples who risk, act, and commit themselves". His appeal is a poignant one in a country where so many hunger for food, dignity and justice, a country in which peace is only possible if the causes of social injustice, inequality and oppression are tackled. Francis' 'brother priests' - as he calls them – have always been committed and continue to be in the forefront in Colombia. Not only as advocates for peace and human rights, but as key figures in making sure the voices of the victims were heard during the recent peace negotiations, in providing demobilization spaces for former guerrillas and developing programmes for their eventual integration in society, as well as offering education and assistance to the poor, to the displaced and the traumatized of the conflict. Colombian priests have an important and difficult responsibility and task as they guide their flocks on the rocky path to reconciliation. To them – Pope Francis said – "Remain steadfast in Christ, in such a way that you manifest him in everything you do." In Colombia with Pope Francis, I'm Linda Bordoni   (from Vatican Radio)...
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Pope in Colombia greets children in Hogar San Jose Home: Full text
(Vatican Radio) "Saint Joseph can never be without Jesus and Mary", Pope Francis assured Claudia Yesenia, who shared her courageous testimony, and the children of "St. Joseph's Children's Home" in Medellin on Saturday. Responding to the testimony of Claudia, Pope Francis reflected on how Baby Jesus was also a victim of hatred and persecution but God protected him and Mary by inspiring St. Joseph to leave his country and his home. Listening to her testimony, the Pope said he was reminded of the unjust suffering of so many boys and girls throughout the world, who have been and continue to be innocent victims of the evil that others commit. Pope Francis affirmed that, just as Saint Joseph protected and defended the Holy Family from danger, so too he is defending them, caring for them, and accompanying them. He also said that with Saint Joseph is Jesus and Mary, because Saint Joseph can never be without Jesus and Mary. Please find below the official English translation of the Pope's prepared Greeting: "Saint Joseph's Children's Home" Medellín Saturday, 9 September 2017 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Dear Boys and Girls,           I am very happy to be with you here at "Saint Joseph's Home".  Thank you for the welcome you prepared for me.  I am grateful also to the director, Monsignor Armando Santamaría, for his words.           I wish to express my thanks to you, Claudia Yesenia, for your courageous testimony.  Hearing all of the difficulties you experienced, I thought of the unjust suffering of so many boys and girls throughout the world, who have been and continue to be innocent victims of the evil that others commit.           The Baby Jesus was also a victim of hatred and persecution; he too had to run away with his family, to leave his country and his home, in order to escape death.  To see children suffer, wounds our hearts because children are Jesus' favourites.  We can never accept that they are mistreated, that they are denied the right to live out their childhood peacefully and joyfully, that they are denied a future of hope.            Jesus, however, never abandons those who suffer, much less you, boys and girls, who are his special ones.  Claudia Yesenia, in the midst of all the horrible things that happened, God gave you an aunt to watch out for you, a hospital to care for you, and finally a community to welcome you.  This "home" is a sign of Jesus' love for you, and of his desire to be very close to you.  He does this through the loving care of all those good people who are with you, who love you and teach you.  I think of those who direct this house, the sisters, the staff and so many others who are already a part of your family.  For this is what you do here, you make this place a home: the warmth of a family where we feel loved, protected, accepted, cared for and accompanied.            I am happy that this place bears the name of Saint Joseph, and the other homes the names of "Jesus the Worker" and "Bethlehem".   It means that you are in good hands.  Do you remember what Saint Matthew writes in his Gospel, when he tells us that Herod, in his foolishness, decided to kill the Infant Jesus?  How, in a dream, God spoke to Saint Joseph by means of an angel, and entrusted to his care and protection his most valuable treasures: Jesus and Mary?  Matthew tells us that, as soon as the angel spoke, Joseph immediately obeyed, and did all that God told him to do: "He rose and took the child and his mother by night, and departed to Egypt" ( Mt 2:14).  I am sure that, just as Saint Joseph protected and defended the Holy Family from danger, so too he is defending you, caring for you and accompanying you.  Alongside him are Jesus and Mary, because Saint Joseph can never be without Jesus and Mary.           To you, brothers and sisters, religious and lay people, and to those in the other homes who welcome and lovingly care for these children that from infancy have experienced suffering and sorrow: I would like to remind you of two realities that you must never forget because they are part of the Christian identity – the love that knows how to see Jesus present in the smallest and weakest, and the sacred duty of bringing children to Jesus.  In this task, with your joys and hardships, I commend you also to Saint Joseph's protection.  Learn from him, that his example may inspire you and help you in your loving care for these little ones, who are the future of Colombian society, of the world and of the Church, so that like Jesus, they may grow and be strengthened in wisdom and grace, before God and others (cf. Lk 2:52).  May Jesus and Mary, together with Saint Joseph, accompany and protect you, and fill you with their tenderness, joy and strength.           I promise to pray for you, so that in this place of family love, you may grow in love, peace and happiness, and your wounds of body and heart may heal.  God will not abandon you, but protect you and help you.  And the Pope will keep you in his heart.  Please do not forget to pray for me.  (from Vatican Radio)...
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Pope Francis tells Colombia's youngest victims that Jesus loves them
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis ' apostolic visits always feature at least one event in a place of suffering, of solidarity, of rebirth. He always makes sure he spends some precious time with the poorest and the weakest of the world, be they prisoners, disabled adolescents, elderly people, slum-dwellers… In Medellin on Friday he visited the community at Hogar San José : a Jesuit-run home for orphaned children victims of Colombia's conflict . The over 300 children cared for by the nuns, lay people and volunteers of the Home come from across the ravaged nation. All of them carry the wounds of violence and abuse. One little girl, Claudia Yesenia, told the story of her own suffering when – aged two - she was wounded and lost all when a rebel attack in the San Carlos Antioquia area wiped out her entire community and most of her family. But she also told of her rebirth at the San José Home for children where she was cherished and cared for and is being given an education so that she too can, one day, offer care and love to children in need. Pope Francis listened with attention, smiled and embraced the children as he always does, and put everything else aside to be able to enjoy their songs, their joy, their presence. He told them that Jesus loves them more than anyone else and that he protects them to make sure that they – who are the future of Colombian society – may grow and be strengthened in wisdom and grace. In this nation where nature is so lush and generous, where the national flower is the sophisticated orchid, each child was holding a small bouquet of little white daisies: the simplest and most humble of blossoms. Just like those closest to Pope Francis' heart. In Colombia with Pope Francis, I'm Linda Bordoni         (from Vatican Radio)...
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