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Thursday, 18 May 2017

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Mergers: Commission fines Facebook €110 million for providing misleading information about WhatsApp takeover

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 18 May 2017 The European Commission has fined Facebook €110 million for providing incorrect or misleading information during the Commission's 2014 investigation under the EU Merger Regulation of Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp.

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Mergers: Commission alleges Altice breached EU rules by early implementation of PT Portugal acquisition

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 18 May 2017 The European Commission has sent a Statement of Objections alleging that multinational telecommunications company Altice (the Netherlands), breached the EU Merger Regulation by implementing its acquisition of telecommunications operator PT Portugal before notification or approval by the Commission.

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European Commission reports on the application of the Charter of fundamental rights in the EU in 2016

- Press release European Commission Brussels, 18 May 2017 Today, the European Commission has published its annual Report on the application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The report outlines the initiatives taken in 2016 by the EU to strengthen fundamental rights.

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Revised European Neighbourhood Policy: supporting stabilisation, resilience, security

European Commission - Press release Brussels, 18 May 2017 The ENP was reviewed in 2015 to respond to the new challenges of an evolving neighbourhood. Today's report shows results following a new approach based on differentiation, joint ownership and flexibility.

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Questions and Answers on the Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Review

European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 18 May 2017 What is the focus of the ENP Review implementation? The implementation process reflects the way in which the EU and its partners in the East and the South have been working to promote stabilisation (through building up resilience) focussing on the...

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