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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

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Communiqué de presse relatif à la rencontre entre la haute représentante/vice présidente, Mme Federica Mogherini, et le ministre

Communiqué de presse relatif à la rencontre entre la haute représentante/vice présidente, Mme Federica Mogherini, et le ministre des affaires étrangères d'Ouganda, M. Sam Kutesa

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Technical standards

Wednesday 15 February 2017 14:08

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First European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018

Member states ambassadors endorsed today the provisional agreement reached on 9 February 2016 between Council and European Parliament representatives on a decision establishing a European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018) which will celebrate the diversity and richness of our European culture.

This initiative also aims to raise awareness of European history and values and to strengthen a sense of European identity. At the same time, it draws attention to the opportunities offered by our cultural heritage, but also to the challenges it faces, such as the impact of the digital shift, environmental and physical pressure on heritage sites, and the illicit trafficking of cultural objects.

The main objectives of this European Year are:

  • to promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and social cohesion;
  • to highlight the economic contribution of cultural heritage to the cultural and creative sectors, including small and medium-sized enterprises, and to local and regional development
  • to emphasise the role of cultural heritage in EU external relations, including conflict prevention, post-conflict reconciliation and rebuilding destroyed cultural heritage

The European Year will have a dedicated financial envelope of 8 million EUR with a joint statement of the Parliament and the Council specifying the sources of financing.

"As Europeans we have a particularly rich cultural heritage born of our long shared history. I welcome the opportunity to celebrate that heritage and to take pride in all that makes up our common European identity".

Dr. Owen Bonnici, the Maltese Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government

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Press release - MEPs call for fast-track approval of low-risk pesticides

Plenary sessions : Low-risk biological pesticides, including those made from bio-organisms, pheromones or essential oils, could replace conventional ones that are suspected of harming the environment and human health. MEPs wonder why some member states hesitate or refuse to approve them and want the EU Commission to propose a revision of the rules to accelerate the approval process.

Source : © European Union, 2017 - EP

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EU-Moldova relations

Relations between the EU and the Republic of Moldova have intensified since the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement of 1994.

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